Creating your roadmap

to financialindependence

At some point in every new client discussion you will hear us say - “we do financial planning a little bit differently."

The starting point to achieving financial independence has nothing to do with how much money you have, what your investment returns are, or how much your negatively geared property is ‘saving’ you in tax. The starting point to great financial advice is all about needs. Specifically, your needs.

To deliver the true value of financial advice we need to know what drives you, what you genuinely value.

What makes you want to ‘jump out of bed in the morning?’

Our advice is then tailored to your aspirations, desires and goals - ensuring we are working solely in your best interests.

Most Financial
Planners focus on this

Good financial
advice incorporates this

We align all of these
to give you great advice.


Your Goals

Your Life

We know from experience the answer is different for everyone. It might be the call of a slower life in the country, maybe a dream to spend 6 months travelling the world, or perhaps, its making sure your loved ones are going to OK.

Whatever your motivation, our value is in empowering you to achieve your wants, desires and dreams using your money as a catalyst.

We are different, but great advice needs all the traditional elements

Whether it be the need for Tax planning or debt management, cashflow structuring or investment advice, even superannuation advice and estate planning. Whatever your needs, how these component parts interact is vital.

This is where we excel, and this is where are different.

Using our knowledge of who you are and what drives you, we carefully craft together all the elements of traditional advice. Each piece has its place, and each piece lays the foundation for another.

The result is a unique culmination of who you are, what you want, and all your financial outcomes. We call this your – financial roadmap.

Fund kids education
  • investments
  • tax planning
  • cash flow
Go travelling every year
  • social security
  • investment
  • estate planning
Career change
  • cash flow
  • debt management
  • superannuation
  • investment
Buy a business
  • cash flow
  • debt management
  • superannuation
  • investment
Upgrade the home
  • cash flow
  • debt management
  • investment
  • insurance
Take 2 years out of the workforce to study
  • cash flow
  • debt management
  • investment
  • insurance
Downsize the house
  • retirement planning
  • superannuation
  • investment
  • cash flow
  • estate planning

‘Our value is in providing you with the clarity, control and freedom that you will find in your financial roadmap.’

Planning for kids’ education? That’s going to need to cashflow management, investment advice and tax planning. But hang on, how does that impact us funding our retirement? Can we still afford the overseas holidays?

It is a simple and structured path forward, delivering what matters most to you.

‘We are your first port of call for anything financial.’

We are here to walk you back off the edge of the cliff, when you are ready to abandon your roadmap. We are here when you want to sell up your investments during the next market catastrophe. We are here when you lose a loved one. We are here when it all just seems to hard.

This relationship is paramount as great financial advice isn’t a once off affair.

We understand that life changes. Priorities change. Finances change.

Life is busy.

That’s why it’s so valuable to have an independent partner, someone who is always in your corner – looking out for you and your best interests.

We often ask ourselves – what do clients value? We only know because they tell us.

They tell us that they value that we are different. They value that we are independent. They value that we prioritise them as people first. They value that we are their first port of call, for all their moving parts. Most of all, they value that they trust us.

Don’t believe us? Let them tell you.


Interested in knowing more about the traditional elements?

  • Banking and Debt Management

    Is your loan and banking structure working for you and how you run your finances. Are you making money for yourself or your chosen bank? We will help you understand this and find the right structure that creates the best outcome for you.

    This makes us different because we sit on your side of the table and make sure it serves you and your purpose not the banks or the brokers.

  • Insurance

    Not having the right insurance exposes your financial roadmap to failure. We will sit down with you and work out what your insurance needs are. Do you have too much? Not enough? Is it structured appropriately, tax effectively and at a reasonable price? Is the insurer and their contract the right one for you?

    We don’t take commissions, so you can be assured that what we recommend is in your best interest as we get paid by you not anybody else!

  • Taxation

    Luke Axton, our resident accounting and tax partner works with our clients and their businesses to ensure that they understand their businesses at a deeper level. We of course help our clients meet their ongoing tax compliance obligations including preparing financial statements, tax returns, quarterly BAS's, however, we also act as our clients Business CFO, providing monthly management reports so our business owner clients can understand how their business is going at all times, providing advice to ensure consistent profitability and help our clients make big picture decisions by using data as a guide.

    Because we sit on your side of the table, we ensure we are serving you and your purpose.

    Liability is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

  • Superannuation

    Your Superannuation is likely going to be a very signficant nest egg that you will use to fund your dreams and aspirations in retirement. It is so important to have it setup in such a way that it benefits you. Our role is to support you in this, making sure that your super is setup to ensure it works for you. A good start is something that is low cost, but also tailored to your situation. We help you understand your super and give you the peace of mind knowing that it is setup in a way to make sure everything is going to be ok in retirement.

  • Cashflows and Personal Spending Plans

    The average savings rate in Australia is only 2.5% (which includes the 9.5% Super contributions your employer make). Most people spend what they earn which means they have allowed lifestyle inflation to creep into their spending patterns. We don’t care what you spend as long as its being spent on things that bring you value and purpose. When we create your financial roadmap, we are ensuring that you are looking after your needs both now, but also in the future – think things like education of your children, retirement, ensuring you can spend more time with your family.

    Our Personal Spending Plan program allows you to create a structure where you don’t have to worry about what you spend. We will have covered the important things so that you can just enjoy life.

    In our experience most other financial advisers pay lip service to your spending – we know that that approach doesn’t work because it will always derail your financial roadmap.

  • Estate Planning

    In Australia there is a significant intergenerational wealth transfer occurring as the baby boomers start to move on. Often due to a severe lack of planning (or not wanting to deal with the thought of dying) this wealth transfer is does not go to the intended loved ones and exposes these assets to unintended tax consequences.

    Most advisers pay lip service to estate planning, they will tell you to get a new will in place but not work hand in hand with the estate planning lawyer to ensure all bases are covered.

    We work with our clients and their preferred solicitor to ensure that an appropriately structured estate plan is in place.

  • Investments

    Investing and compound interest is the number 1 things that drives your wealth in the longer term as such it is absolutely essential that you get it right. We use an evidenced based approach to investing - see our insights section for how we do this. We cannot predict the future, you wont see any crystal balls in our office. We know having a long term strategic approach to investing delivers the best outcomes for our clients

    When left to their own devices without a clear structure most investors that either do it themselves or even those that have advisers suffer from a number of behavioural biases that mean that their end outcomes suffer. In fact, the Dalbar research which looks at investment returns of investors over the last 10 years has shown that DIY investors receive a return of approximately half of what the index has returned simply because they suffer from irrational behaviour. We don’t do this – we will help you stick to your long term plan irrespective of when the next GFC is. We help you manage your behaviours to ensure that you are investing in the right way for you at all times.